Heath, Jennifer , Kohut, Ivana Hot Shots 3: WB

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Heath, Jennifer , Kohut, Ivana Hot Shots 3:  WB


Обзор книги Heath, Jennifer , Kohut, Ivana Hot Shots 3: WB. Hot Shots 3 Workbook contains: 36 two-page lessons each consisting of three vocabulary and three grammar tasks which relate directly to the lesson in the Student’s Book; a wide variety of stimulating and enjoyable tasks, including word banks, spell checks, anagrams, crosswords, word searches and picture-based tasks; 8 large word searches, one for each of the topic-related cycles. lts clear and simple format means that it can be used by students at home as well as in class. Hot Shots 3 Workbook accompanies Hot Shots 3 Student’s Book. Hot Shots is an exciting new three-level course specially written for young learners. It practises and consolidates vocabulary and grammar taught in the Student’s Book.

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